Cognitive Science Seminar starts in 2019/2020

It is our pleasure to announce that, after the several-month break, regular meetings held under Cognitive Science Seminar have been resumed. The first seminar will take place on Nov. 14th (Thursday). Dr Ewa Beldzik will speak on "Searching for gamma in the simultaneous EEG-fMRI". Next meetings are scheduled for Dec. 5th and Jan. 9th. We aim for one-two seminars per month. From now on, the seminars will be held in English.

We would like to kindly propose a slight alteration to the seminar's format. While still the scientific methods in cognitive science will comprise the central focus, we believe that the seminar could cover -- beyond strict methodology -- also specific research, contributing new theories and data to particular research problems, even if relying on established methodology. So, presentations of your concepts and data will be highly appreciated. We cordially invite presentations from all fields of cognitive science, ranging philosophy, linguistics, psychology, AI, robotics, neuroscience etc.